Why Schedule a Turf Renovation?

August 13, 2018

A lot of lawns haven’t been looking well because of the weather. One major way this can be fixed is with a turf renovation.

There are a lot of maintenance companies out there, so why choose Chesterfield Valley Nursery? Our property maintenance department looks at your lawn and puts together a plan customized to the specific needs of your turf. We analyze all the components and necessary steps we need to take to get your yard heathier and looking better.

So, how does a turf renovation help your lawn?

Removing thatch is a key component of turf renovation. Thatch is intertwined, decomposed grass. This builds up at the base of healthy turf. Thatch is a problem because it restricts the flow of moisture, fertilizers, and pesticides from the soil. Power raking and aeration are two ways to break up the thatch.

What is aeration?

This is also known as coring. There are two ways to go about this, single core or double core. This step done with a mechanical core aerating machine. The machine removes plugs of soil from the lawn. This accomplishes many things:
-reducing soil compaction
-increasing oxygen flow
-help in deepening and strengthening root systems
-increasing the amount of moisture and nutrients that get to the roots
-providing a better “delivery space” for grass seed

This year, and especially for lawns in our area, we recommend double coring. Missouri has a lot of clay soil. Clay soil does not drain well or receive oxygen as well. We have also noticed that lawns are struggling more this year than last. Double coring further increases the benefits to the turf and soil.

Why do we fertilize?

Fertilizer contain nutrients, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus, that speed up turf establishment. However, over fertilizing can cause problems, so make sure to consult a professional if you decide to fertilize your own lawn.

Why do we lay down grass seed?

Laying down seed grows grass in the holes made by the aeration. It can make your turf denser if you have problems with sparsity. Grass seed also fills back in area where patches of grass have died. New growth also promotes the longevity of the health of your lawn.

If you already have a property maintenance package with us that includes a turf reno, your visit will be automatically scheduled and you will be notified with the date. If you do not have a turf reno in your package or do not have a package at all and would like information on one, call us for a free estimate!

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