The Importance of Leaf Clean Ups

October 31, 2018

With turf reno season over, fall clean ups and leaf clean ups are upon us and, we want to make sure your yard is looking its best, especially with the holidays coming up!

If you got a turf reno this fall, it is especially important to get a leaf clean up. The thatching and coring process of a turf reno helps remove the dead grass. Removing dead leaves helps in similar ways as newly seeded lawns need as much air flow and sunlight. As for the dead leaves, mulching them up can also provide nutrients for plant beds. This also can add some  more protection for the cold winter months.

With your leaf clean up, there are also a few disposal options available to you. You can have Chesterfield Valley Nursery haul it away, have it blow to the curb for municipality pick up, or blown to the wood-line of your property.

With leaf clean ups coming up, it’s also time to start thinking about getting bulbs planted. Fall bulbs are hardier in the cold, so they are able to grow roots in the winter so they can . Tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils are just a few of the options for fall bulbs.

And as a reminder, our schedule does fill up quickly around Thanksgiving and Christmas as everyone wants to have their yards looking best when their families come out!

Leaf Clean Up


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